Lauren Beukes

Lauren Beukes is a South African writer, TV scriptwriter and recovering journalist and author who is most well known for her debut sci-fi novel "Moxyland", and "Zoo City" - both published by Angry Robot Books.

She has an MA in Creative Writing, but she got her real education in ten years of freelance journalism, learning really useful skills like how to pole-dance and make traditional sorghum beer. For the sake of a story, she’s jumped out of planes and into shark-infested waters and got to hang out with teen vampires, township vigilantes, AIDS activists and homeless sex workers among other interesting folk.

Her non-fiction book, Maverick was nominated for the Sunday Times 2006 Alan Paton Non-Fiction Book of the Year competition.


    • Moxyland (2009)
    • Zoo City (2010)
    • The Shining Girls (2013)
    • Broken Monsters (2014)