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Karen Miller

Karen Miller is an Australian author of fantasy fiction, best known for her Kingmaker, Kingbreaker and Godspeaker series of novels. She has also written under the pseudonym of K. E. Mills.


Kingmaker, Kingbreaker
  • The Innocent Mage (2005)
  • The Awakened Mage (2005)
Fisherman's Children
  • Empress (2007)
  • The Riven Kingdom (2007)
  • Hammer of God (2008)
Rogue Agent
  • The Accidental Sorcerer (2008)
  • Witches Incorporated (2009)
  • Wizard Squared (2010)
    Star Wars
    The Clone Wars
    • Wild Space (2008)
    Clone Wars Gambit
    • Stealth (2010)
    • Siege (2010)
    Stargate SG-1
    • Alliances (2006)
    • Medical Considerations (2006)
    • Do No Harm (2008)
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