Clockwork Vampire Chronicles

The Clockwork Vampire Chronicles is a series of epic fantasy novels by the very talented author, Andy Remic and so far consist of the awesome Kell's Legend and the follow-up novel Soul Stealers.

The Clockwork Vampires are a society who have evolved from the technological advances they have made in clockwork, managing to merge human and machine to create a lethal combination.

This cyborg symbiosis comes at a price however and to sustain themselves they must consume a refined blood known as bloodoil. This dependancy for bloodoil has become something of an addiction and fuels their thirst for violence and the need to hunt humans to get their fix.

This has eventually led to their own land becoming decimated of any human colony and so they go to war in order to sustain their own empire. They quickly overrun the meager resistance offered and only 1 man stands in their way, the Legendary warrior Kell.

Books in the series