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Weis and Hickman

Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman are the combined talent behind the phenomenal Dragonlance world which has included Films, computer games, board games, Roleplay Games, artwork and novels.

Weis and Hickman were hired by TSR to work on the brand new "Dragonlance" project in 1983, they have been a writing team ever since producing the novels, short stories and art books for the Dragonlance series.

They have also written a number of other best selling fantasy series, including The Death Gate Cycle, the Darksword series, the Rose of the Prophet series and the Sovereign Stone series.


    Dragonlance Chronicles
    • Dragons of Autumn Twilight (1984)
    • Dragons of Winter Night (1985)
    • Dragons of Spring Dawning (1985)
    • Dragons of Summer Flame (1996)
    • Time of the Twins (1986)
    • War of the Twins (1986)
    • Test of the Twins (1986)
    • The Second Generation (1994)
    Kang's Regiment
    • The Doom Brigade (1996)
    • Draconian Measures (2000)
    The Raistlin Chronicles
    • The Soulforge (1998)
    • Brothers in Arms (1999)
    The War of Souls
    • Dragons of a Fallen Sun (2000)
    • Dragons of a Lost Star (2001)
    • Dragons of a Vanished Moon (2002)
    The Dark Disciple
    • Amber and Ashes (2004)
    • Amber and Iron (2006)
    • Amber and Blood (2008)
    The Lost Chronicles
    • Dragons of the Dwarven Depths (2006)
    • Dragons of the Highlord Skies (2007)
    • Dragons of the Hourglass Mage (2009)
    Endless Quest
    • The Endless Catacombs (1984)
    • Forging the Darksword (1987)
    • Doom of the Darksword (1988)
    • Triumph of the Darksword (1988)
    • Legacy of the Darksword (1997)
    • Darksword Adventures (1988)
    Rose of the Prophet
    • The Will of the Wanderer (1988)
    • Paladin of the Night (1989)
    • The Prophet of Akhran (1989)
    Star of the Guardians
    • The Lost King (1990)
    • King's Test (1991)
    • King's Sacrifice (1991)
    • Ghost Legion (1993)
    The Death Gate Cycle
    • Starshield: Sentinels (1996)
    • Nightsword (1998)
    Sovereign Stone
    • Well of Darkness (2000)
    • Guardians of the Lost (2001)
    • Journey into the Void (2003)
    Dragonships of Vindras
    • Bones of the Dragon (2008)
    • Secret of the Dragon (March 16, 2010)
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