The Fires Of Heaven by Robert Jordan

The Wheel of Time

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The Fires of heaven is the fifth novel in the epic series the wheel of time, written by Robert Jordan.

Rand, the Dragon reborn continues to try and re-unite the Aiel, leading them over the spine of the world, hunting the Shaido.

Meanwhile the Forsaken are free and plotting Rands downfall. While Rahvin manipulates queen Morgase in his disguise as Lord Gaebril, Lanfear strikes out in a jealous rage after finding out Rand slept with Aviendha.

The only way to save both lovers is for someone to make the ultimate sacrifice...

As in the previous book (The Shadow Rising), we see Rand really growing in character and ability, both as the Dragon Reborn and the leader of men.

Elaine gets a bigger role as well, and you can begin to understand the complex person she is. Matt manages to stay the very reluctant hero and has got to be one of the best characters in the book. It does appear though that the additional time with Matt means there isn't really any sign of Perrin. In such a big series with so much going on it really is impossible to feature everyone, and with over 30 major characters in this book, each having their "screen time", it's easy to see why.

The Fires of heaven is another phenomenal novel with great depth, plenty of action and featuring one of the great storylines in fiction today. If you haven't read the first 4 read them first as this really would not make sense otherwise.

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The Fires Of Heaven, a novel by Robert Jordan

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