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The Chronicles of Amber

Where to begin with a classic?
Well, these books are everything one could want form a fantasy series. I would recommend them to anyone.

Character Development - 09/10
The main characters in these books are the relatives of Corwin. Their relationships are very complicated and none of them are capable of truely trusting one another. I don't think Zelazny could have created better characters if they were physically present infront of him. Their real intentions are slowly revealed throughout the books and first time readers will be in for a real shock as they find out.

Story - 10/10
Told through the eyes of Corwin, the story behind Amber is a very complicated one. He awakes in a hospital bed with severe amnesia and no recollection of anything prior to that moment. He learns of a place called Amber (the one true world that casts infinite shadows of itself) and also learns that he is somehow a part of it.

His story is rivetting, magical, and above all else unique. The ideas are completely original and Zelazny has inspired many authors in times gone by. These books are no doubt some of my favourites, and I will certainly be reading them again.


Books in the series

    The Corwin Cycle
    The Merlin Cycle
    • Trumps of Doom
    • Blood of Amber
    • Sign of Chaos
    • Knight of Shadows
    • Prince of Chaos
What our ancestors would really be thinking, if they were alive today, is: "Why is it so dark in here?"
- Terry Pratchett

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