Sara Douglass

Sara Douglass is a popular Australian fantasy Author (real name Sara Warneke) who's series include The Axis Trilogy and The Wayfarer Redemption.

Sara was born in the small south east australian town of Penola and lived on a farm called Gundealga. At the age of seven, Sara moved to the Australian Capital Adelaide where she spend the reast of her childhood. After Leaving school, Sara was persuaded by her Father and stepmother that she join the family tradition of nursing, which she very reluctantly did, and finished her training at the age of twenty.

Before starting her nursing career, Sara spent 6 months travelling around europe with a friend, which was in her own words "brilliant, liberating, eye-opening".

On returning to Australia Sara found a position as a registered nurse in a small private hospital in Adelaide. It was while working there that she decided to start a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Adelaide. Sara was amazed that she was taken seriously as a writer and after completing her BA she carried on to do a PHD in 16th century English history.

In 1992, after completing her PHD, Sara finished her nursing career and began working at the La Trobe University in Bendigo (central Victoria) as a Lecturer in Medieval History.
This career proved to be very stressful, difficult and time consuming and so in an effort to break free, Sara began to write in earnest...

The result eventually (after a few failed attempts) was Battleaxe an incredible first novel that was seen by many to be on a par with established authors like Terry Brooks, David Eddings and Raymond E Feist. The book was picked up by Harper collins within 6 weeks of being sent and as soon as it was published, became a very popular novel.

Since this time Sara has not looked back and produced 18 novels to date, 8 of which feature in the same fantasy world as the original Battleaxe (The Axis Trilogy, The Wayfarer Redemption and Darkglass Mountain.

Sara currently resides in the house "Nonsuch" which is located in Cornelian Bay in Tasmania. Sara still writes when she is not Gardening, looking after her collection of Cats, or Restoring Nonsuch.


    The Axis Trilogy
    • Battleaxe (1995)
    • Enchanter (1996)
    • StarMan (1996)
    The Wayfarer Redemption
    • Sinner (1997)
    • Pilgrim (1998)
    • Crusader (1999)
    Darkglass Mountain Trilogy
    • The Serpent Bride (2007)
    • The Twisted Citadel(2008)
    • The Infinity Gate (Due May 2009)
    The Crucible
    • The Nameless Day (2000)
    • The Wounded Hawk (2001)
    • The Crippled Angel (2002)
    The Troy Game
    • Hades' Daughter (2002)
    • Gods' Concubine (2004)
    • Darkwitch Rising (2005)
    • Druid's Sword (2006)
    Single Volumes
    • Beyond the Hanging Wall(1996)
    • Threshold (1997)