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Roger MacBride Allen

Roger MacBride Allen is an American author of science fiction, most noted for his Caliban series of novels that are set in Isaac Asimov's Robot / Empire / Foundation universe.


    Allies and Aliens
    • The Torch of Honor (1985)
    • Rogue Powers (1986)
    • Allies and Aliens (Omnibus)(1995)
    Hunted Earth
    • The Ring of Charon (1990)
    • The Shattered Sphere (1994)
    Chronicles of Solace
    BSI Starside
    • BSI Starside: The Cause of Death (2006)
    • BSI Starside: Death Sentence (2007)
    • BSI Starside: Final Inquiries (2008)
    Star Wars: Corellian
    • Star Wars: Ambush at Corellia (1995)
    • Star Wars: Assault at Selonia (1995)
    • Star Wars: Showdown at Centerpoint (1995)
    Stand-alone Novels
    • Orphan of Creation (1988)
    • Farside Cannon (1988)
    • The War Machine: Crisis of Empire III (1989)
    • Orphan of Creation (1991)
    • Supernova (1991)
    • The Modular Man (1992)
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