Paul McAuley

Paul J McAuley is a British botanist and award winning author of "hard" science fiction. His writing mainly follows themes of Biotechnology, Artificial Technology, Nanotechnology, alternate history and space travel.

Paul J McAuley won the Philip K Dick award for his very first novel, "Four Hundred Billion Stars" (The first novel in the series of the same name) in 1988 and has since won the Arthur C Clarke Award and the John W Campbell Award for "Fairyland" and the British Fantasy Award for "The Temptation of Dr Stein".


    Four Hundred Billion Stars
    • Four Hundred Billion Stars (1988)
    • Secret Harmonies (1989)
    • Eternal Light (1991)
    The Confluence Series
    • Child of the River (1997)
    • Ancients of Days (1998)
    • Shrine of Stars (1999)
    • Confluence Omnibus (2014)
    The Quiet War
    Single Volumes
    • Red Dust (1993)
    • Pasquale's Angel (1994)
    • Fairyland. London (1995)
    • The Secret of Life (2001)
    • Whole Wide World (2002)
    • White Devils (2004)
    • Mind's Eye (2005)
    • Players (2007)
    • Cowboy Angels (2007)
    • Something Coming Through (2015)