Our Childrens Children by Clifford D Simak

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Our Childrens Children is a science fiction novel by the award winning author Clifford D Simak.

It must have been three or four years since I read this book last - enough time for my rotten brain to forget the most of it.

Our Children's Children is a small master piece from one of the old masters of Science Fiction. It's not one of those books that change your life, but if you feel like reading something that has that touch of the golden age, it's a good choice. The premises are simple enough; about five hundered years from now the earth is attacked by an alien hunter race - a race that lives to hunt and kill. They are having a lot of fun with the human race, which has become pacifistic and has lost almost all their knowledge of war (yeah, right!). We are getting our asses kicked (or arses if you like). Luckily the people of the future have found an other dimension, where time flows backwards making time travel to the past possible. So the entire population of future earth escapes in to the past - and suddenly we have two billion ( refugees.

So the race is on, to get the refugees further back in time, before the world economy gets ruined and our food stores are depleted.

Oh, yes and as an added bonus, a few of the aliens manage to get through the time tunnels as well.

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Our Childrens Children, a novel by Clifford D Simak

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  • Our Childrens Children
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  • Pages: 192
  • Format reviewed: Paperback
  • Review date: January, 1999
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