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Necroscope Series

The Necroscope series, written by Brian Lumley tells the tale of those who can speak with the dead (defined later in the series as "Deadspeak"). Harry Keogh is one such Necroscope and the (anti)hero of the series who not only has the ability to communicate with the dead but who can form a bond that allows the dead some limited control over his body.

One of the main messages of the series is that death is not the end of the journey and that what someone was (or wished to be) in life can still be in death (within limits).

The original core series spans five novels however was then built upon with 3 short story collections and another three series (Vampire World, E-Branch and New adventures of the Necroscope).

Books in the series

    • Necroscope (1986)
    • Necroscope II: Wamphyri (1988)
    • Necroscope III: The Source (1989)
    • Necroscope IV: Deadspeak (1990)
    • Necroscope V: Deadspawn (1991)
    • Blood Brothers (1992)
    • The Last Aerie (1993)
    • Bloodwars (1994)
    • Necroscope: The Lost Years Vol I (1995)
    • Necroscope: The Lost Years Vol II (1996)
    • Necroscope: Invaders (1999)
    • Necroscope: Defilers (2000)
    • Necroscope: Avengers (2001)
    • Harry Keogh: Necroscope and Other Weird Heroes (2003)
    • Necroscope: The Touch (2006)
    • Necroscope: Harry and the Pirates (2009)
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