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Nathan Elliot

Nathan Elliot is the pseudonym of the BSFA award winning British science fiction author Christopher Evans.

Writing both Young Adult / children's books (as Nathan Elliot) and adult books, he won the BSFA for "Aztec Century" and provided the novelisation of Steven Speilberg's film Innerspace.


    As Nathan Elliot
    • Innerspace (1987)
    • Jamie's Demon (1995)
    Hood's Army
    Star Pirates
    • Kidnap in Space (1987)
    • Plague Moon (1987)
    • Treasure Planet (1987)
    As Christopher Evans
    • Capella's Golden Eyes (1980)
    • The Insider (1981)
    • The Twilight Realm (1985)
    • In Limbo (1985)
    • Chimeras (1992)
    • Aztec Century (1993)
    • Mortal Remains (1995)
    • Ice Tower (2000)
    • Omega (2008)
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