Matt Forbeck

Matt Forbeck is an American author and games writer, he has worked with a number of publishers including Adams Media, AEG, Atari, Boom! Studios, Atlas Games, Del Rey, Games Workshop, Green Ronin, High Voltage Studios, Human Head Studios, IDW, Image Comics, Mattel, Pinnacle Entertainment Group, Playmates Toys, Simon & Schuster, Ubisoft, Wizards of the Coast, and WizKids.

He has written novels, short stories, comic books and computer game scripts while also having designed collectible card games, roleplaying games, miniatures and board games. He has been nominated for a total of 24 Origins Awards and has won 13 of them.


    Blood Bowl
    • Blood Bowl (2005)
    • Dead Ball (2005)
    • Sudden Death (2006)
    • Rumble in the Jungle (2007)
    Guild Wars 2
    • Ghosts of Ascalon (2010)
    Knights of the Silver Dragon
    • Secret of the Spiritkeeper (2004)
    • Prophecy of the Dragons (2006)
    Knights of the Silver Dragon : Revelations
    • Prophecy of the Dragons (2006)
    • The Dragons Revealed (2006)
    Dark Sun
    • The Wanderer's Chronicle: Mind Lords of the Last Sea (1996)
    Forgotten Realms
    • Races of Faerun (2003)
    World of Darkness
    • Book of Spirits (2004)
    Eberron : Lost Mark
    • Marked for Death (2005)
    • The Road to Death (2006)
    • The Queen of Death (2006)
    Single Volumes