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Kim Stanley Robinson

Kim Stanley Robinson is an award winning American author of science fiction, most noted for his Mars Trilogy. He has won a number of awards including 2 Hugo Awards, 2 Nebula awards, 6 Locus awards, the World Fantasy award and the John W. Campbell Memorial award.

Much of his work involves themes of ecology and sociology and involve very indepth research by Robinson (He researched Mars for 15 years partly to write the trilogy). His work is very clearly literary science fiction in style.


    Three Californias
    • The Wild Shore(1984)
    • The Gold Coast (1988)
    • Pacific Edge (1990)
    The Mars Trilogy
    • Red Mars (1992)
    • Green Mars (1993)
    • Blue Mars (1996)
    Science in the Capital
    • Forty Signs of Rain (2004)
    • Fifty Degrees Below (2005)
    • Sixty Days and Counting (2007)
    Single Volumes
    • Icehenge (1984)
    • The Memory of Whiteness (1985)
    • A Short, Sharp Shock (1990)
    • Antarctica (1997)
    • The Martians (1999)
    • The Years of Rice and Salt (2002
    • Galileo's Dream (2009)
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