Jonathan Green

Jonathan Green is an author of speculative fiction and has written more than 35 books at the time of writing. He is very well known for his contributions to the fighting fantasy and a number of Black Library (Games Workshops publishing company) publications.

He is also the author of the alternative history Steampunk Pax Britannia series which feature the debonair dandy adventurer Ulysses Quicksilver.

My name is Jonathan Green and I am a freelance writer of speculative fiction, with more than thirty-five books to my name. Well known for my contributions to the Fighting Fantasy range of adventure gamebooks, and numerous Black Library publications, I have also written fiction for such diverse properties as Doctor Who, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Sonic the Hedgehog and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I am the creator of the Pax Britannia series for Abaddon Books. I am currently writing the eighth novel in an ongoing series set within this alternative steampunk universe and featuring the debonair dandy adventurer Ulysses Quicksilver.


    Pax Britannia
    • Unnatural History (2007)
    • Leviathan Rising (2008)
    • Human Nature (2008)
    • Evolution Expects (2009)
    • Blood Royal (2009)
    • Dark Side (2010)
    • Anno Frankenstein (2011)
    Warhammer 40 000
    • Iron Hands (2004)
    • Crusade for Armageddon (2003)
    • Conquest of Armageddon (2005)
    Warhammer Fantasy
    • The Dead and the Damned (2002)
    • Magestorm (2004)
    • Necromancer (2005)
    Doctor Who
    • The Horror of Howling Hill (2008)
    • Monstrous Missions (2012)