Interview with Charlaine Harris

Charlaine Harris's brand new book Midnight Crossroad, the first in a brand new series, is released at Midnight tonight (7th May 2014).

To celebrate, along with a review of the book itself SFBook are part of the official blog tour and had chance to ask the author a few questions:

Ant: For those familiar with your previous novels, despite being a fresh new series Midnight Crossroads a wonderfully familiar feeling with a few old characters popping up. Do you plan on expanding this almost "shared universe" feeling?

Charlaine Expanding . . . I don’t know about that. But I do enjoy the feeling that despite the fact these people came from very different places in my writing history, they’re all meeting up and interacting.

Ant: You began your career writing "pure" mystery novels, what encouraged you to inject fantasy elements in your later series?

Charlaine I’m easily bored. My whole career is an endeavour to keep me from getting stale. Fantasy elements certainly succeed in grabbing my interest and sparking creative ideas.

Ant: You switched from first person to multiple third person perspective for Midnight Crossroads, was this a challenging move?

Charlaine Yes, and if I’d known what a challenge it would be, I might have been too scared to do it! Lots of rewriting! What was I thinking? Seriously, I needed the jolt. It’s good to do something that makes you uncomfortable.

Ant: Did you ever imagine that your Sookie Stackhouse novels would achieve such success?

Charlaine Who could imagine such a thing? Not me, that’s for sure. My ambition never went that high.

Ant: With True Blood receiving such acclaim, do you see Midnight, Texas becoming a TV series?

Charlaine It’s tempting to think in those terms once lightning has struck. But it’s not very healthy. I just try to write the best book I can. After that, it’s up to other people. Not my bailiwick.

Ant: Your wonderful depiction of Mr Snuggly (For me one of the highlights of the book) suggests you are a Cat person?

Charlaine I love cats, truly, and always had them growing up. My husband and daughter are allergic to cats, though, so Mr. Snuggly is my virtual cat! We have lots of dogs.

Ant: What are you working on next and when can we expect the next Midnight, Texas book?

Charlaine The next Midnight book will be out in May next year, if all goes as planned. Chris Golden and I are finishing up the Cemetery Girl trilogy. I’m thinking of several writing projects that interest me. I always have something in mind. It’s finding the time that’s hard.