Iain M Banks

Iain Menzies Banks was born in Fife, Scotland and studied at the University of Stirling, learning English Literature, Philosophy and Psychology. Iain later moved to London and released his first book, a gothic horror story called "the Wasp Factory" in 1984, which brought him widespread but often controversial public attention and is still actively discussed to this day.

Iain's first Science Fiction novel "Consider Phlebas" was released in 1987, shortly before he moved back to Scotland, eventually moving back to Fife, Iaian currently resides in North Queensferry. Iain writes both contemporary and Science Fiction using Iaian Backs for his contemporary work and Iain M Banks for His Science Fiction novels.

He is now acclaimed as one of the most innovative, exciting and powerful writers of his generation. The Guardian has refered to his work as "the standard by which the rest of Science Fiction is judged" while William Gibson, the bestselling author of Spook Country describes Iain Banks as a "phenomenon".