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Dafydd ab Hugh

Dafydd ab Hugh is an American author of science fiction. He is best known for writing tie-in novels for series including Star Trek and Doom.


Star Trek Deep Space Nine
  • Fallen Heroes (1994)
  • Vengeance (1998)
  • The Conquered (1999)
  • The Courageous (1999)
  • The Liberated (1999)
Star Trek: The Next Generation
  • Balance of Power (1994)
Star Trek Voyager
  • Invasion! Book Four: The Final Fury (1996)
Single Volumes
  • Heroing (1987)
  • Warriorwards (1990)
  • Arthur War Lord (1994)
  • Far Beyond the Wave (1994)
  • Swept Away (1996)
  • Swept Away: The Mountain (1996)
  • Swept Away: The Pit (1996)
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