James P Hogan

James P Hogan was a well respected and occasionally controversial British author of science fiction.

His novels fall into the style of "hard" science fiction and many of his earlier books he regularly conveyed a sense of what science and scientists were about. Later in his life his views tended towards those that could be considered pseudoscientific and he was a proponent of Immanuel Velikovsky's version of catastrophism.

His philosophical view on how science should be done comes through in much of his work - the viewpoint that theories should be formulated based on empirical research, not the other way around. This includes the notion that if a theory does not match the facts, it is the theory that should be discarded, not the facts.


    Giants Series
    • Inherit the Stars (1977)
    • The Gentle Giants of Ganymede (1978)
    • Giants' Star (1981)
    • Entoverse (1991)
    • Mission to Minerva (2005)
    Single Volumes