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Al Ewing

Al Ewing is a British writer of graphic novels and science fiction. He's worked for small press comics and the mighty 2000AD, having regularly written Judge Dredd stories and a Mighty Avengers series for Marvel.

His novels include 3 Pax Britannia stories: El Sombra, Gods of Manhattan & Pax Omega (set in the Pax Britannia shared universe) along with the incredible novel The Fictional Man.


    Single Volumes
    • Tomes of the Dead: I, Zombie (2008)
    • Death Got No Mercy (2009)
    • The Fictional Man (2013)
    Pax Britannia
    • El Sombra (2007)
    • Gods of Manhattan (2010)
    • Pax Omega (2012)
Stupid men are often capable of things the clever would not dare to contemplate...
- Terry Pratchett

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