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Stephen Cole

Stephen Cole is a British writer of adult and childrens fiction.

He has been actively involved in the Doctor who universe as head of BBC Worldwide's Doctor Who merchandising, as executive producer on the Big Finish Productions and as an author of twelve Doctor Who novels (to date).


    Doctor Who novels
    • Parallel 59 (2000)
    • The Ancestor Cell (2000)
    • Vanishing Point (2001)
    • The Shadow in the Glass (2001)
    • Ten Little Aliens (2002)
    • Timeless (2003)
    • Frayed (2003)
    • The Monsters Inside (2005)
    • To the Slaughter (2005)
    • The Feast of the Drowned (2006)
    • The Art of Destruction (2006)
    • Sting of the Zygons (2007)
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