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Claire North

Claire North is the pseudonym of the British author Catherine Webb (daughter of well known author Nick Webb). She also writes under the name Kate Griffin.


    As Claire North
    As Catherine Webb
    • Mirror Dreams (2002)
    • Mirror Wakes (2003)
    • Waywalkers (2003)
    • Timekeepers (2004)
    • The Extraordinary and Unusual Adventures of Horatio Lyle (2006)
    • The Obsidian Dagger (2006)
    • The Doomsday Machine (2008)
    • The Dream Thief (2010)
    As Kate Griffin
    • A Madness of Angels (2009)
    • The Midnight Mayor (2010)
    • The Neon Court (2011)
    • The Minority Council (2012)
    • Stray Souls (2012)
    • The Glass God (2013)
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