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C S Friedman

C S Friedman (Celia S Friedman) is a fantasy and science fiction author. She has published a number of series in both genres and prides herself on providing detail and consistency in her work.


The Braxi/Azea duology
  • In Conquest Born (1986)
  • The Wilding (2004)
The Coldfire trilogy
  • Black Sun Rising (1991)
  • When True Night Falls (1993)
  • Crown of Shadows (1995)
The Magister Trilogy
  • Feast of Souls (2007)
  • Wings of Wrath (2009)
Single Volumes
  • The Madness Season (1990)
  • This Alien Shore (1998)
  • The Erciyes Fragments (1998)
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Ball Lightning by Liu Cixin

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