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Bruce Sterling

Bruce Sterling is an American science fiction author who is largely credited with helping to define the Cyberpunk genre along with William Gibson, Rudy Rucker, John Shirley, Lewis Shiner and Pat Cadigan.


    • Involution Ocean (1997)
    • The Artificial Kid (1980)
    • Schismatrix (1985)
    • Mirrorshades (1986)
    • Islands in the Net (1988)
    • Crystal Express (1989)
    • The Difference Engine (1990)
    • Globalhead (1992)
    • Heavy Weather (1994)
    • Holy Fire (1996)
    • Distraction (1998)
    • A Good Old Fashioned Future (1999)
    • Zeitgeist (2000)
    • The Zenith Angle (2004)
    • Visionary in Residence (2006)
    • Ascendencies: The Best of Bruce Sterling (2007)
    • The Caryatids (2009)
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