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Freda Warrington

Freda Warrington is an award winning British author best known for her supernatural novels that often feature vampires and the undead.


Single Volumes
  • The Rainbow Gate (1989)
  • Sorrow's Light (1993)
  • Dracula the Undead (1997)
  • The Court of the Midnight King (2003)
Blackbird series
  • A Blackbird in Silver (1986)
  • A Blackbird in Darkness (1986)
  • A Blackbird in Amber (1987)
  • A Blackbird in Twilight (1988)
  • Darker than the Storm (1990)
Blood Wine series
Dark Cathedral series
  • Dark Cathedral (1996)
  • Pagan Moon (1997)
The Jewelfire Trilogy
  • The Amber Citadel (1999)
  • The Sapphire Throne (2000)
  • The Obsidian Tower (2001)
Aetherial Tales series
  • Elfland (2009)
  • Midsummer Night (2010)
  • Grail of the Summer Stars (2013)
Wonder has no opposite; it springs up already doubled in itself, compounded of dread and desire at once, attraction and recoil, producing a thrill, the shudder of pleasure and fear.
- Marina Warner

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Ball Lightning by Liu Cixin

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