The Tenth Doctor Who

the Tenth doctor The Tenth Doctor (played by David Tennant) began his life after the Ninth Doctor forced regeneration by absorbing a lethal dose of Time Vortex Energy, and in doing so saved Rose Tyler's life.

As with all the previous Doctors, this incarnation has different personality traits than those previously. This Doctor displays a light-hearted, easy going witty (or cheeky) manner but with an egocentric sense of unstoppability when facing his (many) enemies.

To many, this Doctor is the quintesential character of "The Doctor" combining his Alien mannerisms with his huge intelligence but also tempered by his joy of the universe and his care of humanity.

The Tenth Doctor meets many of his old enemies including The Cybermen, The Daleks, The Master and even Davros. Rose continues to be his companion until she becomes trapped in an alternative universe. The Doctor is for a time devastated by this and it is not until he meets Matha Jones that he has another regular Companion.

During the series, The Doctor rescues Queen Victoria from a werewolf and is Knighted as a reward. The Queen then banishes him from the British realm and sets up the Torchwood Institute to defend Britian from paranormal threats and to await the return of the Doctor.

Since the new seies was begun in 2005 (with the Ninth Doctor), the BBC has begun publishing a growing number of novels featuring the Ninth and Tenth Doctors. These novels also include special "Quick Reads" which have been designed to attract at a very low price point.