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Robert J Sawyer

Robert J Sawyer is an award winning Canadian writer of science fiction. He has won over 40 awards so far for his work, including the Hugo, the Nebula and the John W Campbell awards.

Much of Robert J Sawyer's work explores the intersection between science and religion with rationalism winning over mysticism on most occasions. He also has a passion for palaeontology which can be seen in the Quintaglio Ascension trilogy where dinosaurs were introduced into an alien world.

The popular TV series FlashForward is based on Sawyer's novel of the same name and he has consulted on TV and Radio productions.


    Single Volumes
    • Golden Fleece (1990)
    • End of an Era (1994)
    • The Terminal Experiment (1995)
    • Starplex - Serialized in Analog (1996)
    • Frameshift (1997)
    • Illegal Alien (1997)
    • Factoring Humanity (1998)
    • Flashforward (1999)
    • Calculating God (2000)
    • Iterations - Short stories (2002)
    • Relativity (2004)
    • Mindscan (2005)
    • Rollback - Serialized in Analog (2007)
    • Identity Theft and Other Stories (2008)
    • Red Planet Blues (2014)
    Quintaglio Ascension trilogy
    • Far-Seer (1992)
    • Fossil Hunter (1993)
    • Foreigner (1994)
    Neanderthal Parallax trilogy
    • Hominids (2003)
    • Humans (2003)
    • Hybrids (2003)
    The WWW trilogy
He felt that his whole life was some kind of dream and he sometimes wondered whose it was and whether they were enjoying it.
- Douglas Adams

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