Revenger Series

The Revenger series is a Space Opera trilogy by Alastair Reynolds. The first book in the series - Revenger won the 2017 Locus award in the Best Young Adult Book category. It was also one of our favourite reads of 2016. Shadow Captain followed in 2019 and once again was one of our favourite reads of the year.

The story is completed with Bone Silence, released in 2020.

The series is set in our solar system of the far future that has seen vast, powerful Empires rise and fall and even the planets shattered and remade. Now many small planetoids orbit the now faint star, populated by human and alien alike. Shadows of past civilisations are present in strange, lost technologies while the skulls of even stranger aliens are highly prized as navigational aids.

It's a dangerous place, with ruthless pirates patrolling space, looting small planetoid "baubles" for their treasures of lost tech.

Two sisters, Arafura Ness and Adrana are fated to uncover the truth behind the Occupation, a truth that might just bring about the next fall. 


Books in the series