Olaf Stapledon

Olaf Stapledon was a British author and philosopher and created a number of influential science fiction novel's in the early to mid 20th Century.

It is known that his writing directly influenced authors such as Arthur C Clarke, Brian Aldiss and CS Lewis. He contributed many ideas to the genre including the original concept of the Dyson sphere with his 1937 novel Star Maker, Terraforming and Genetic Engineering with both his first novel Last and First Men (released in 1930) and the later novel about a human like intelligence in a Dog - Sirius.


    • Last and First Men (1930)
    • Last Men in London (1932)
    • Odd John (1935)
    • Star Maker (1937)
    • Darkness and the Light (1942)
    • Old Man in New World (1944)
    • Sirius (1994)
    • Death into Life (1946)
    • The Flames (1947)
    • A Man Divided (1950)
    • Four Encounters (1976)
    • Nebula Maker (1976)