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Mary Gentle

Mary Gentle is an author of fantasy and science fiction, her first published novel was the 1977 young adult novel Hawk in Silver but it was the science fiction duology "Orthe" that really brought her to prominence. She won the Sidewise Award for Alternate History in 2000 for the science fiction epic "Ash: A Secret History". She has also written a number of erotic novels under the pseudonym of Roxanne Morgan.


    Orthe series
    • Golden Witchbreed (1984)
    • Ancient Light (1987)
    • Orthe (omnibus edition) (2002)
    White Crow sequence
    • Rats and Gargoyles (1990)
    • The Architecture of Desire (1991)
    • Left to His Own Devices (1994)
    • White Crow (omnibus edition) (2003)
    First History sequence
    • Ash: A Secret History (2000)
    • Ilario: The Lion's Eye (2006)
    Single Volumes
    • A Hawk in Silver (1977)
    • Grunts! (1992)
    • 1610: A Sundial in a Grave (2003)
    As Roxanne Morgan
    • Dares (1995)
    • Bets (1997)
    • A Game of Masks (1999)
    • Who Dares, Sins (1999)
    • Sinner Takes All (2000)
    • Degrees of Desire (2001)
    • Maximum Exposure (2004)
Wonder has no opposite; it springs up already doubled in itself, compounded of dread and desire at once, attraction and recoil, producing a thrill, the shudder of pleasure and fear.
- Marina Warner

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