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Mark Chadbourn

Mark Chadbourn is a British author of science fiction and fantasy novels and a script writer.


    Swords of Albion
    The Age of Misrule
    • World's End (1999)
    • Darkest Hour (2000)
    • Always Forever (2001)
    The Dark Age
    • The Devil in Green (2002)
    • The Queen of Sinister (2004)
    • The Hounds Of Avalon (2005)
    Kingdom of the Serpent
    • Jack of Ravens (2006)
    • The Burning Man (2008)
    • Destroyer of Worlds (2009)
    The Ghost Warrior
    • Lord of Silence (2009)
    Single Volumes
    • Underground (1992)
    • Nocturne (1994)
    • The Eternal (1996)
    • Scissorman (1997)
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