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Stuart Macbride

Stuart Macbride is a Scottish author, most noted for his crime thrillers. His long running "Logan McRae" series is set in Aberdeen and features the titular detective sergeant as he investigates crimes within the "Granite City".


    Logan McRae
    • Cold Granite (2005)
    • Dying Light (2006)
    • Broken Skin (2007)
    • Flesh House (2008)
    • Blind Eye (2009)
    • Dark Blood (2010)
    • Shatter the Bones (2011)
    • Partners in Crime (2012)
    • Close to the Bone (2013)
    • The 45% Hangover (2014)
    • 22 Dead Little Bodies (2015)
    • The Missing and the Dead (2015)
    Ash Henderson
    • Birthdays for the Dead (2012)
    • A Song for the Dying (2014)
    Single Volumes
    • Sawbones (2008)
    • Halfhead (2009)
    • Twelve Days of Winter (2011)
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