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Sarah Lotz

Sarah Lotz is a South African author and screenwriter who has written novels in a number of genres including Horror and YA.

She writes under the pseudonym S.L Grey with author author Louis Greenberg and with her daughter under the name Lily Herne. She is also one third of Helena S. Paige.


    As Sarah Lotz
    • Pompidou Posse (2008)
    • Exhibit A (2009)
    • Tooth and Nailed (2010)
    • The Three (2014)
    As SL Grey
    • The Mall (2010)
    • The Ward (2012)
    • The New Girl (2013)
    • Underground
    As Lily Herne
    • Deadlands (2011)
    • Death of a Saint (2012)
    • The Army of the Lost (2014)
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