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Nathan Long

Nathan Long is an American author of fantasy fiction. He writes Warhammer fantasy novels for the Black Library and is best known for his Gotrek and Felix series and Ulrika the Vampire novels.


    Gotrek and Felix
    • Orcslayer (2006)
    • Manslayer (2007)
    • Elfslayer (2008)
    • Shamanslayer (2009)
    • Gotrek and Felix: The Third Omnibus (2009)
    • Zombieslayer (2010)
    Ulrika the Vampire
    • Bloodborn(2010)
    • Bloodforged (2011)
    • Bloodsworn (2012)
    Single Volumes
    • Valnir's Bane (2004)
    • The Broken Lance (2005)
    • Tainted Blood (2006)
    • Battle for Skull Pass (2008)
    • Slayer of the Storm God (2009)
    • Jane Carver of Waar (2012)
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