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Tim Lebbon

Tim Lebbon is an award winning, New York Times Bestselling British author of fantasy and horror novels.


    Aliens Universe
    Toxic City Series
    • London Eye
    • Reapers Legacy
    • Contagion
    Secret Journeys of Jack London
    • The Wild
    • Sea Wolves
    • White Fangs
    Hidden Cities Series
    • Mind the Gap
    • The Map of Moments
    Star Wars Universe
    • Dawn of the Jedi: Into the Void
    Helboy Universe
    • Unnatural Selection
    • The Fire Wolves
    Single Volumes
    • Mesmer
    • White
    • Flesh
    • Naming of Parts
    • Hush
    • The First Law
    • Face
    • The Nature of Balance
    • Until She Sleeps
    • Changing of Faces
    • Fears Unnamed
    • Pieces of Hate
    • Desolation
    • Berserk
    • Dusk
    • Dawn
    • The Everlasting
    • 30 Days of Night
    • 30 Days of Night: Fear of the Dark
    • After the War: Two Tales of Noreela
    • Fallen
    • Bar None
    • The Island
    • Echo City
    • The Thief of Broken Toys
    • Shadow Men
    • The Heretic Land
    • Coldbrook
    • The Silence
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