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John W Campbell

John W Campbell was an American author and editor of science fiction, seen as being very influential within the genre he is often credited with shaping the "golden age" of science fiction and was the editor for the Astounding Science Fiction magazine (later known as Analog Science Fiction and Fact).

Prior to being the editor of Astounding, he wrote space opera scifi under his own name and the pseudonym Don A. Stuart.


    • The Mightiest Machine (1947)
    • The Incredible Planet (1949)
    • The Black Star Passes (1953)
    • Islands of Space (1956)
    • Invaders from the Infinite (1961)
    • The Ultimate Weapon (1966)
    Short story collections
    • Who Goes There? (1948)
    • The Moon is Hell (1951)
    • Cloak of Aesir (1952)
    • The Planeteers (1966)
    • The Best of John W. Campbell (1973)
    • The Space Beyond (1976)
    • The Best of John W. Campbell (1976)
    • A New Dawn: The Don A. Stuart Stories (2003)
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