Interview with Brandon Sanderson

Brandon Sanderson's Blog Tour

To celebrate the launch of Words of Radiance - the much anticipated second novel in the Stormlight Archive series, SFBook got chance to ask Brandon a few questions as part of his UK Blog Tour.

Ant: Where did you get the idea of a world ravaged by fierce storms?

Brandon: The original seed of an idea was the storm of Jupiter, this massive persistent storm. Of course, that’s a gas giant. The physics are very different. But I remember one day staring at a picture of Jupiter and thinking about a storm that circled the world that was massively powerful. That was one of those seeds that stuck in my brain. This sort of thing happened over months and years until that seed grew and developed and mixed with other things I was thinking of, and the result was Roshar.

Ant:The use of Spren are a brilliant idea, what was the inspiration for these creatures?

Brandon: In part, they stem from the underlying cosmology and overarching rules, the dictates of the magic systems of my shared universe. I was looking for a manifestation of that in Roshar. I also was searching for something that would give Roshar a different feel from things that I’d done before. I wanted this book and this series – and everything about it – to feel different from fantasy worlds in the past. I wanted it to be fantastical, but I wanted it to be unique. I wanted something that could consistently remind the reader, “Oh, I’m in a different place. Wow. Their emotions manifest visibly when they feel them strongly. This place is bizarre.” That was one of the main inspirations. Looking in our world, one inspiration is certainly the Eastern concept in Shinto mythology of everything having a soul, every rock and river and tree having something living inside of it that is a manifestation of it. Since I was working with the idea of Platonic realms and the like, I spun that off into the spren.

Ant:The Stormlight Archive already has that feeling of an “epic” tale, not just in the size of the novels and the rich world building but the story too. Do you have any idea how long the book series might go on for?

Brandon: Yes. I conceived The Stormlight Archive as a series dealing with ten characters, where each book took one of the characters and delved deeply into their past and their psychology. Granted, the other characters will appear, as Kaladin is a big part of Words of Radiance even though this volume could be described as Shallan’s book. Since I have those ten characters, and there are ten orders of Knights Radiant, I built a ten-book series with two five-book arcs: five books and then a break, followed by another five books.

The book itself is out right now and is already getting some rave reviews, expect one from SFBook soon.