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Gregory Benford

Gregory Benford is an American Science Fiction author and astrophysicist on the faculty of University of California's department of Physics and Astronomy.

Gregory Benford is best known for his "Galactic Center Saga" which is based on an epic war between sentient organic life and sentient mechanical life forms. His novels tend to fall into the "hard" science fiction category and he has won a number of awards including the Nebula and John W Campbell awards for Timescape and another Nebula for his novelette "If Stars are Gods". He has been nominated for 4 Hugo awards and 12 Nebula awards.

He has also had the distinction of writing an the first novel of an authorised trilogy based on Asimov's foundation series, set after the events of the original series.


    Galactic Center Saga
    • In the Ocean of Night (1976)
    • Across the Sea of Suns (1984)
    • Great Sky River (1987)
    • Tides of Light (1989)
    • Furious Gulf (1994)
    • Sailing Bright Eternity (1995)
    Jupiter Projects
    • Jupiter Project (1975)
    • Against Infinity (1983)
    Man-Kzin Wars
    (with Larry Niven)
    • Man-Kzin Wars VI (1994)
    • A Darker Geometry (1996)
    Second Foundation
    • Foundation's Fear (1997)
    Single Volumes
    • Deeper Than the Darkness (1970)
    • Timescape (1980)
    • Time's Rub (1984)
    • Artifact (1985)
    • Under the Wheel (1987)
    • Iceborn (1989)
    • Beyond the Fall of Night (1990)
    • Cosm (1998)
    • The Martian Race (1999)
    • Eater (2000)
    • Human Being (2003)
    • Beyond Infinity (March 2004)
    • The Sunborn (2005)
    • Bowl of Heaven (2014)
    • Shipstar (2015)
    Short Story Collections
    • In Alien Flesh (1986)
    • Matter's End (1990)
    • Amazing Stories No 7 (1992)
    • Worlds Vast and various (1999)
    • Immersion and other Short Novels (2002)
    • Merlin (2004)
    • Anomalies (2012)
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