Coyote Series

Forty-six light years from Earth, six months orbit a gas giant three times the mass of Jupiter. Each has been designated a name from the animal demigods of Native American mythology: Dog, Hawk, Eagle, Coyote, Snake and Goat.

Only the fourth moon, Coyote, is likely to sustain life. The crew setting out on Mankind’s greatest adventure know that the success of the mission will depend on how well they adapt to their own home. There is no going back.

But Coyote is also known as the trickster...

Written by Allen Steele, the Coyote series is an incredible tale of the colonization of a nearby world (or technically a moon). The novels are intelligent, thoughfull and incredibly well written. Allen Steele deserves to be seen with other great science fiction Authors like Isaac Asimov and Arthur C Clarke.

Books in the series

    Connected Series
    • Coyote
    • Coyote Rising
    • Coyote Frontier
    • Coyote Horizon
    • Coyote Destiny
    Spinoff Novels
    • Spindrift
    • Galaxy Blues
    • Hex