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Christopher Priest

Christopher Priest is an award winning British author of science fiction who is probably best known for the novels "Fugue for a Darkening Island" and "Inverted World".

Many of Christopher Priest's novels focus on the nature of memory, reality and narrative truth, often featuring "unreliable" narrators, a narrator who's credibility has been brought into doubt, casting the point of view of the story in a new light.

Often refered to as a British Philip K Dick he has a similar style and often writes with the same lack of science fiction tropes while creating believable, everyday characters.


    • Indoctrinaire (1970)
    • Fugue for a Darkening Island(1972)
    • The Inverted World(1974)
    • Real-time World (1975)
    • The Space Machine (1976)
    • A Dream of Wessex (1977)
    • An Infinite Summer (1979)
    • The Affirmation (1981)
    • The Glamour (1984)
    • Short Circuit (1986)
    • Mona Lisa (1986)
    • The Quiet Woman (1990)
    • The Prestige (1995)
    • The Extremes (1998)
    • eXistenZ (1999)
    • The Separation (2002)
    • Ersatz Wines (2008)
    • The Islanders (2012)
    • The Adjacent (2013)
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