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Adam Roberts

Adam Roberts is a British author of science fiction, his debut novel Salt was nominated for the Arthur C Clarke award, along with later novels "Gradisil" and "Yellow Blue Tibia". He is often considered a rising star within the science fiction genre and the larger literary scene, a seriously talented author who isn't afraid to push the boundaries.

He has also written a number of Parodies from the most popular fantasy and science fiction series including "The Matrix", "Star Wars" and "Doctor Who".


  • The Soddit (2003)
  • The McAtrix Derided (2004)
  • The Sellamillion (2004)
  • Star Warped (2005)
  • The Va Dinci Cod (2005)
  • Doctor Whom: E.T. Shoots and Leaves (2006)
  • I am Scrooge: A Zombie Story for Christmas (2009)
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