2001 an odyssey in words

By Ian Whates

2001 an odyssey in words, a novel by Ian Whates
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2001: An Odyssey in words is a collection of twenty-seven stories, all exactly 2001 words in length and written to honour the late, great author Arthur C Clarke. The anthology is a collaboration between The Arthur C. Clarke Award and NewCon Press which began life as a kickstarter project, exceeding it's target goal in just over a month (SFBook was one such backer).

Those contributing include some of the biggest names writing science fiction today - ten of whom have won the Arthur C Clarke award. Those include our very own reviewer, author and all-round clever bod Allen Stroud.

The collection has been edited by the Director of the Arthur C Clarke Award - Tom Hunter and owner of NewCon Press - Ian Whates Ian has also kindly written a thoughtful introduction to the anthology. It's a wonderfully diverse collection of stories  (along with three non-fiction articles) and feels like a rat-pack of 21st century science fiction authors - it's a serious roster of some of the finest writers today. Each story adds something unique to the collection and there isn't a single weak entry.


  • Golgotha - Dave Hutchinson
  • The Monoliths of Mars - Paul McAuley
  • Murmuration - Jane Rogers
  • Ouroboros - Ian R. MacLeod
  • The Escape Hatch - Matthew De Abaitua
  • Childhood’s Friend - Rachel Pollack
  • Takes from the White Hart - Bruce Sterling
  • Your Death, Your Way, 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! - Emma Newman
  • Distraction - Gwyneth Jones
  • Dancers - Allen Stroud
  • Entropy War - Yoon Ha Lee
  • The Ontologist - Liz Williams
  • Waiting in the Sky - Tom Hunter
  • The Collectors - Adrian Tchaikovsky
  • I Saw Three Ships - Phillip Mann
  • Before They Left - Colin Greenland
  • Drawn From the Eye - Jeff Noon
  • Roads of Silver, Paths of Gold - Emmi Itäranta
  • The Fugue - Stephanie Holman
  • Memories of a Table - Chris Beckett
  • Child of Ours - Claire North
  • Would-Be A.I., Tell Us a Tale! #241: Sell ’em Back in Time! by Hali Hallison - Ian Watson
  • Last Contact - Becky Chambers
  • The Final Fable - Ian Whates
  • Ten Landscapes of Nili Fossae - Ian McDonald
  • Child - Adam Roberts
  • Providence - Alastair Reynolds


  • 2001: A Space Prosthesis – The Extensions of Man – Andrew M. Butler
  • On Judging The Clarke Award – Neil Gaiman
  • Once More on the 3rd Law – China Miéville

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