Mars Plus by Frederik Pohl

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Mars Plus is the sequel to the science fiction classic Man Plus, by Frederik Pohl.

Long awaited follow-up to the excellent novel Man Plus, takes place forty years after Man Plus - Mars has been settled, not only with Cyborgs (read the review of Man Plus), but also with normal people and everything inbetween.

Torraway is still on Mars but his not the main character in this books, even if he plays a central role to the story. The Main character is Demeter Coghlan - a young earth woman that goes to Mars to find out .... something (I'm not really sure what and it doesn't really matter).

I'm not really sure what to say about this book - nothing really happens. Demeter tries to find some information about a canyon that may be interesting when/if terraforming starts. Demeter has sex with a couple of the "natives" Demeter stumbles on a local revolution against the all watching computernet. Demeter gets kidnapped by the computer. I think that the problem here is that this book tells a few different stories that has little connection and none of them gets the attention that they need to become really interesting. Another problem is that Man Plus is totally ignored - not in the sense that these two books are inconsistent, but the only linkage to Man Plus is Torraway - we are never given the answers to the (few) questions that where left open in Man Plus.

I'll still recommend Man Plus, but don't read it as the first in a series - just read it and forget all about Mars Plus.

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Mars Plus, a novel by Frederik Pohl

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