Dying Star: Exodus

By Samsun Lobe

Dying Star: Exodus, a novel by Samsun Lobe
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The self-proclaimed Emperor Vas returns to stamp his will on the unsuspecting Virtues of Son Gebshu's moon. His inflexible will and iron determination manages to breed resentment which fast leads to an all-out civil war.

Meanwhile on the dying planet below the temperature continues to plummet, freezing the oceans and causing those still on the surface to battle for their very survival. Reluctant hero's Var and Gero must find a way to save their planet and it's people while the prophecy unravels.

Can the remaining civilisations come together to defeat a common enemy and an ancient evil?

Dying Star: Exodus carries on right from where we left the story in Prophecy and feels very much like an extension of the first volume. We have the same descriptive narrative along with the unusual names and places. I still found myself having to get to grips with this style, something that was further highlighted by the use of very similar names for some of the main characters - Var and Vas. For me this did disrupt the pace at times as I had to re-read to make sure I was reading about the right character.

The author's imagination is still unbounded and this is one of the highlights of the novel which when combined with the fact that the story get's going right from the start does make a very readable book. The action sequences are as effective as ever and just as frequent with fights inter-spaced with full on battles which are very well choreographed.

The novel doesn't waste any space with filling the reader in on previous events and it's highly recommended that you read Prophecy first otherwise the book really won't make sense. This does mean though that the reader doesn't waste time reading about things that have already been covered resulting in a much smoother pace than it would be otherwise.

The book ends on a pretty big cliff hanger which does leave the reader wanting more, personally though I thought it a little too much of a sudden ending and I didn't find the epilogue as effective as it could have been; but I can't deny that it is a compelling end to the book.

Dying Star: Exodus is the continuation of a unique, intelligent and easy to read saga, well written and enjoyable.

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