Alternate Reality Ain't what it used to be by Ira Nayman

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Alternate Reality Ain't what it used to be by Ira Nayman is a collection of news stories from alternate realities, as told by the intrepid reporters from the Alternate Reality News Service.

The book is split into different sections for technology, relationships, games, politics etc. and each section contains news reports that range from a teaching robot that has been subversively schooling children in the art of anarchy and rebellion rather than maths and English, The million monkey project that completes it's first book but instead of being something from Shakespeare is a copy of Franz Kafka's "The Metamorphosis", the court case of God vs Will Wright copyright infringement (one of my personal favourites) and even the US signing a deal with the cthulhu great old ones to assist in the war on terror.

Other highlights include the crisis of abandoned pet robots, the tale of the last tree standing in the USA and the confessions of a pizza delivery guy.

The novel is full of these humorous, outlandish and crazy alternate news stories and each one is worth a read. As each news story is independent it's very easy to pick up and read a few pages and then come back to, and trust me it is a book you want to come back to. You can even read these stories from the authors own website
Les Pages Aux Folles

Completely unique, this book is one of the funniest, most compelling and just craziest books I have read since Douglas Adams first put pen to paper.

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Alternate Reality Ain't what it used to be, a novel by Ira Nayman

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