To Open The Sky by Robert Silverberg

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To Open The Sky is a science fiction novel by Robert Silverberg.

This book could have been titled "To Eternity and The Stars through Religion" – it may not be catchy, but it's a lot more accurate then the original title, which is a bit nondescript. It's the 22nd century and the Vorsters are the fastest growing cult on earth (they can't seem to get a foothold on Mars and Venus, which is colonized at this time). What makes the Vorsters different is that they are a religion based on science and that they promise eternal life – not in the next life, or something similarly insubstantial. No, they that promise they'll use every penny (well, nearly every) they collect to research possibilities of expanding the lifespan of humans (and faster than light travel - eternal life without star travel, is a bad thing).

Very interesting story, Silverberg just may be right – blind faith may be the only way that we'll ever get to the stars. The story is interesting in another way; the idea that technology will save us, all is close to nonexistent in todays science fiction (it's out of fashion), but it's the carrying force for this story, which is quite refreshing (if a bit naive).

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To Open The Sky, a novel by Robert Silverberg

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  • To Open The Sky
  • Publisher: Sphere
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  • Pages: 208
  • Format reviewed: Hardback
  • Review date: 01/08/2001
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