The Dark Side of Technology by Mark Antony Rossi

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The Dark Side of Technology is a science fiction novel by Mark Antony Rossi.

The tale of the mad scientist is even older than the Shelly novel of Frankenstein. Since the dawn of the written word man has tried to altered his appearance, environment or internal makeup in a vain attempt to gain more power to substitute for something deeper he lacks such as self-esteem, popularity, intelligence, community-standing, etc.The Intruder Bulletins is a clarion voice of reason in a dumbed-down world of digital echoes.

Mark Antony Rossi, poet, playwright and futurists investigates the segments of society that have been or will be infected with the fever of advanced technological extremism. He touches upon a scientific community unable to cope with the ethical ramifications of its creations due to the conflicts of interest many have ventured into my patenting their works or owning stock in the commercial entities that finance their bizarre experimentation into human cloning, stem cell research, artificial wombs, male pregnancy, xenotransplanation, life-extensions, organ theft, and a host of other dreaded procedures originally designed to serve a superficial society desiring to look better, feel younger, be smarter, run faster and reproduce at the drop of a credit card.

Yet the commercial application of these scientific breakthroughs threatens humanity's existence when considering the terroristic exploitations that could allow human clones to become the perfect assassins or use designer diseases to infect certain ethnic groups. The discovery of a gay gene might sound like a wonderful way to finally put to rest centuries of bigotry only to be used as a method to exterminate a group of people through gay gene fetal identification and abortion.The formation of information monopolies as the impetus for corporation as government turns out to be far more frightening than any nuclear war scenario could play out. Genetic discrimination through discoveries in the Human Genome Project might actually ban 100 million people from access to decent medical insurance as companies find through testing your genetic future. One test might decide your employment, insurance or possibly residency in a future society that demands purity over democracy. Overuse of antibiotics in our meat products, dish detergents and disinfect creams might be allowing diseases and bacteria to mutate into super-immune killers threatening millions with death and disfigurement.Rossi to his credit does not permit this book to be merely a collection of speculative alarmist tracts but rather backs up his notions with hard data and a stimulating end chapter that outlines some of the positive steps average people can take to safeguard their liberties from the marshalling storm that is commercial science. Read it and trust your instincts. Or trust the scientists and take your chances.

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The Dark Side of Technology, a novel by Mark Antony Rossi

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  • The Dark Side of Technology
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