Erekos by AM Tuomala

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Erekos is a fantasy novel by A M Tuomala.

The nations Erekos and Weigenland have fought against each other for over three hundred years, a war that has seen both sides struggle to hold the borderland between them. As the flood season begins the King of the Erekoi thinks he has discovered a powerful new weapon that could end the war in their favour, the witch Achane.

Achane made the promise that she would never let her sister die and dedicated her life to learning all she could about healing and witchcraft - despite this her sister still succumbed to her life long illness. Although she failed to heal her sister she managed to keep her promise by raising her back from the dead.

Erekos manages to bring a different perspective to the zombie idea, here the zombies are very much a human soul trapped within a dead and decaying corpse, so we don't get the hunger for human brains but we still get the shambling gait and the bits dropping off. It is a great idea and works very well.

The back story is well developed and the world has a strong feel of it's own, very different from the traditional high fantasy fare. The prose is both rich and quite vivid with an elequent voice that lifts the words from the page. The plot though is a little slow and the cast of characters never really seem to become three dimensional, at times the narrative feels a little flat and overly formal.

The plot itself though is just great, I love the personalisation of the zombie idea, you really get to see the world through the (rotting) eyes of a zombie, it's very well played out while the earthy almost voodoo style magic really helps toward colouring the story. The book is quite short, most readers should be able to finish it in a day.

Erekos is an original novel with a very distinct and strong voice, the ideas and rich prose elevate this above the average fare, recommended

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Erekos, a novel by AM Tuomala

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