The Song of the Swan II by Arthur D'Alembert

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The Song of the Swan II is the sequel to The Song of the Swan by Arthur D'Alembert.

This Part II is a direct continuation of the first Song of the Swan even if it takes place fifty years later. As that it's kind of uninteresting if you haven't read the first part, but then again it's interesting to know whether part II is interesting before you start on Part I.

My printed copy of Part II has as many typos and printing errors as in my old copy of Part I (I've since received a new and edited copy), which is quite disappointing. D'Alembert really needs to find somebody who can pro-read his scripts for him before they get to the printers. Than again these errors are minor and can be ignored and the story it self is just fine, even if some of the dialog is kind of stiff in places. D'Alembert has an interesting story to tell and he handles the added complexity and length (275 pages) of this story very well.

Mild spoilers for part I ahead:

As I said; It has been fifty years, and Susan from part one has moved to a nursing home – but not out of the story. The Message has been left untouched for all these years, except for the Chinese who has been trying to decode it in their dark side of the moon lab for the last couple of years. Like the team in part one they are opening more that they are sure they can handle, hence the lab on the dark side of the moon. Well, of course being on the other side of the moon doesn't stop people from making fatal mistakes…

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The Song of the Swan II, a novel by Arthur D'Alembert

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  • The Song of the Swan II
  • Publisher: Universal Publishers
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  • Pages: 280
  • Format reviewed: Paperback
  • Review date: 01/05/2000
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