The March Hare Network by Jack L Chalker

a review by TC, in the genre(s) Science Fiction. Book published by Del Rey in 1996

The March Hare Network is a science fiction novel by Jack L Chalker and follows on from the events of The Cybernetic Walrus.

I'm not happy with this book, it takes off where book one ends and goes on and on in the same track, with nothing really new happening. The strange thing is that Chalker actually tells us this in the foreword (he also promises that the really interesting things will happen in the last and third book).

300+ pages – and I can't remember anything interesting happening. Oh, yes something happened to me, I realised that I hate reading books where the main character (or the one that I'm supposed to relate to) is a lot more stupid than I am. I think that it's a shame – Chalker had something good going with The Cybernetic Walrus and if he have some good ideas for the continuation of the story, why, oh why, didn't he use them in this book? If you don't have material for three good books – why not write two good books? This book contains material for maybe a hundred pages and would have made a nice warm-up before the real action and the conclusion of the series but three hundred pages, no way.

If I find a cheap copy of book three, I may pick it up, then again I may not.

Written on Tuesday 1st June 1999 by .

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The March Hare Network, a novel by Jack L Chalker

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  • The March Hare Network
  • Publisher: Del Rey
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  • Pages: 323
  • Format reviewed: Paperback
  • Review date: June, 1999
  • Language: English
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